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Unveiling The Top-quality Shrimp Supplier From Indonesia

 Unveiling The Top-quality Shrimp Supplier From Indonesia
Shrimp Supplier From Indonesia

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Welcome to the World of Premium Vannamei Shrimp from Indonesia!

Indonesia, as one of the world's largest shrimp producers, proudly presents high-quality Vannamei Shrimp ready to conquer the international market. We are a committed exporting partner providing top-notch products with the highest safety and sustainability standards.

Advantages of Indonesian Vannamei Shrimp :

  1. Best Quality : Our Vannamei Shrimp is bred and processed under the highest quality standards. We ensure that every step in the production chain is closely monitored to guarantee prime quality from the farms to the consumer's table.

  2. Food Safety : Ensuring food safety is our top priority. Our Vannamei Shrimp is produced using environmentally friendly cultivation methods and is free from harmful antibiotics and toxic chemicals. We ensure that every product undergoes rigorous testing before being shipped to customers.

  3. Diverse Product Range : With various products available, ranging from frozen to fresh shrimp, we provide a wide array of options to meet your market's needs. Order in various packaging according to your consumer's preferences.

  4. Large Production Capacity : Indonesia has a significantly large Vannamei Shrimp production capacity, ensuring a stable supply to meet the demands of large orders.

Why Choose Indonesian Vannamei Shrimp :

  1. Sustainability : We are committed to sustainable farming practices. By preserving the local ecosystem, we ensure that every kilogram of shrimp we produce has a minimal impact on the environment.

  2. Competitive Pricing : We understand the importance of competitive pricing in the global market. By offering high-quality shrimp at competitive prices, we provide unmatched value to our international business partners.

  3. Excellent Customer Service : Responsive and customer-oriented service is key to our success. We are ready to collaborate with you to ensure that every transaction runs smoothly and satisfies your needs.​​

The vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) is a freshwater shrimp species extensively cultivated in Indonesia. Some benefits and advantages of vannamei shrimp from Indonesia include :

  1. Economic Potential : Export Opportunities: Indonesian vannamei shrimp has significant potential for export due to the high global demand. This can contribute significantly to the Indonesian economy.Farmers' Income: Vannamei shrimp cultivation can be a substantial source of income for pond farmers in Indonesia.

  2. Rapid Growth : Vannamei shrimp exhibits a fast growth rate compared to some other shrimp species. This allows farmers to achieve harvests in a relatively short period.

  3. Disease Resistance : Vannamei shrimp generally demonstrates good resistance to several common shrimp diseases, such as White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) and Taura Syndrome Virus (TSV). This helps maintain shrimp production stability.

  4. Availability of Seedlings : The availability of high-quality vannamei shrimp seedlings in Indonesia supports sustainable production. Quality seedlings provide a solid foundation for successful shrimp farming.

  5. Flexibility in Farming Practices : Vannamei shrimp can be cultivated in intensive, semi-intensive, and extensive systems. This flexibility allows farmers to choose cultivation methods suitable for local conditions and available resources.

  6. High Nutritional Value : Vannamei shrimp has high nutritional value, including protein, omega-3, and various other essential nutrients. This makes it a good choice for human consumption in both local and international markets.

  7. Implementation of Sustainable Farming Practices : Some vannamei shrimp farmers in Indonesia have adopted sustainable farming practices, including crop rotation, waste management, and the use of environmentally friendly technologies. This supports the sustainability of pond ecosystems and the surrounding environment.


Vannamei shrimp, commonly known as white shrimp, has become a highly sought-after commodity in the international market. Indonesia, as one of the major producers of Vannamei shrimp, offers the best quality with various advantages. In this article, we will explore why Vannamei shrimp from Indonesia is the top choice for consumers who prioritize high quality.

1. Environmental Sustainability

Indonesia has taken crucial steps to ensure the sustainability of Vannamei shrimp production. Shrimp farmers in Indonesia are increasingly adopting environmentally friendly cultivation methods, using modern technology to minimize negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems. The use of advanced waste treatment systems and strict cultivation standards ensures that the produced shrimp meets global sustainability standards.

2. Preserved Water Quality

One key factor influencing shrimp quality is the water quality in aquaculture. Shrimp farmers in Indonesia carefully maintain water quality, monitoring parameters such as temperature, salinity, and water clarity. This not only ensures optimal environmental conditions for shrimp growth but also results in shrimp with a fresh and natural taste.

3. Selection of Superior Seedlings

Indonesia has a rigorous shrimp seed selection program to ensure that only superior seedlings are used in shrimp farming. This directly impacts the quality of the produced shrimp in terms of size, color, and meat texture. High-quality seedlings guarantee that the shrimp produced have the characteristics desired by the international market.

4. Strict Food Safety Management

The Indonesian government has implemented strict regulations regarding food safety in shrimp production. Shrimp farmers are required to comply with international food safety standards and undergo stringent certification processes. This provides consumers with confidence that Vannamei shrimp sold from Indonesia has undergone a safe and controlled production process.

5. Delicious Taste and High Nutritional Content

Vannamei shrimp from Indonesia is renowned not only for its high quality but also for its delicious taste and excellent nutritional content. The shrimp meat has a resilient and sweet texture, making it a popular choice in various culinary dishes worldwide. With high protein content, low fat, and rich nutritional value, Vannamei shrimp from Indonesia is a healthy and tasty option.


By upholding principles of sustainability, food safety, and cultivation quality, Indonesia has proven itself as a leading producer of the highest quality Vannamei shrimp. International consumers can be confident that when they choose to purchase Vannamei shrimp from Indonesia, they are getting a product that is not only delicious but also produced with consideration for the environment and high food safety standards. So, for shrimp enthusiasts, the ultimate choice is to savor the excellence of the finest quality Vannamei shrimp from Indonesia.

How to Place an Order :

Don't miss the opportunity to become our partner in marketing high-quality Indonesian Vannamei Shrimp. For more information, pricing, and orders, contact us via email or phone as listed on our website. We are excited to work with you in providing top-quality shrimp to your customers.

Together, let's explore the global market potential with Indonesia's exceptional Vannamei Shrimp!

Vannamei Shrimp, also known as White Shrimp, is one of the most popular shrimp species in international aquaculture and trade. Here is some information about Vannamei Shrimp products:

Product Description :

Scientific Name : Litopenaeus vannamei

Physical Appearance : Vannamei Shrimp has a clean white color with slight bluish hues on its tail. Its body is long and slender, with a long and slender tail.

Taste and Texture : The meat of Vannamei Shrimp has a sweet taste and a tender texture highly valued in culinary applications. This makes it very versatile for various recipes and cooking styles.

Specifications Product

  • Shrimp Type  : Vannamei Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei).
  • Size  : 31/40, 41/50, 51/60.
  • Packaging  : 10 kg Carton.
  • Quality  : HLSO (Headless Shell-On).
  • Certification  : HACCP, FDA Approved.
  • Handling Process  : Freshly Caught, Cold Storage.
  • Capture Method  : Trawl Fishing.
  • Storage Temperature  : 18°C.
  • Secondary Packaging  : Polybag
  • Place of Origin   : Indonesia.
  • Packing   : Carton.
  • Payment Terms  : T/T, LC, Cash In Advance.
  • Minimum Order Quantity  : 18 Ton


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